Watchie® Personal
GPS Tracker

Keeping Your elderly family safe & in touch 24/7

  • Personal Alarm with Emergency SOS Button & Automatic SOS Alerts
  • Real Time Indoor & Outdoor GPS Tracker and Locator
  • Instant Fall Detector & Alerts
  • 2 Way Voice Calling & Text Messages
  • Multiple Wearing Options
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy To Use



Watchie W1 Features

GPS Tracker & Locator

Real-time geo-location allows for rapid response. An SOS triggers a text message to all emergency contacts with location details and directional links.

Two Way Communication

Use Watchie to speak directly to your loved one, giving peace of mind and assurance in case of emergency.

SOS Alarm & Fall Detection

A simple press of the SOS button will trigger a voice call to all emergency contacts in rotation. Each contact also gets a text with device status, location and directions

Text Messages & Voice Prompts

Easy to Read Text Messages support Contacts with key information such as Location, directional links & direct dial links. While Clear Voice Prompts support Watchie wearers.

A Truly Anywhere Alarm!

Use Watchie at home or when out and about. There is no need for a landline or Wifi Connection.

End-to-End Encryption

Watchie offers end to end encryption for your data protection and security. Each device has its own unique number/ The device will only allow communication with registered emergency contacts. 

Simple to Set Up – Simple to Use.

We have made Watchie to be simple to use.  A few simple steps and you will be enjoying the peace of mind Watchie brings.

Low Battery Warning

A text message is sent to all responders with a low battery warning. At the same time the Wearer will receive a Voice prompt to remind them to charge their device.


Watchie is waterproof and should be worn when in the shower.

Multiple Wearing Options

Watchie is lightweight and discreet. It can be worn around the neck as a pendant or on the waist using the belt clip provided.

All in the lightweight Watchie W1 device

Long lasting battery life

Supported by Voice Prompts

Supported by easy text commands

Multiple Wearing options

Emergency SOS button

Two Way Communication

It’s simple to order and get started with your Watchie W1

Purchase your device

Watchie® W1 comes equipped with a sim card similar to a mobile phone for just €159.99 per month.


Like a phone Watchie works on a Monthly Subscription of €17.99/mth which can be cancelled at any time.

Activate your device

An Activation Code for your Watchie® device will be sent to you after a successful Watchie® Subscription purchase.

Use your device

Once your device is activated your device will be switched on remotely for you to start using it.

What Our Customers Say

“Mum had a fall but within two minutes I was able to speak to her and reassure her and five minutes later we had her back on her feet. So different to a previous occasion where my Dad had spent four hours on the floor, followed by three nights in hospital, because he couldn’t call for help.

Knowing that we can find their location when they are out is a great comfort and being able to speak to them immediately reassures us all. So easy to set up and maintain. Both my parents started using the Watchie without delay.”

Nik AttfieldHead of Development, Age UK Isle of Wight

What's Included

The Watchie® W1 Starter Kit contains everything you need to introduce connected independence to your loved ones.
In the box:
1 x Watchie® W1 mobile SOS device
1 x Watchie® Premium Bluetooth Charging Station
1 x Watchie® Belt Clip
1 x Watchie® USB magnetic charging cable with plug
1 x Watchie® Lanyard
The Watchie® W1 works in conjunction with a subscription. This subscription can be purchased on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.