About the Watchie® Subscription

Watchie® W1 comes equipped with a sim card similar to a mobile phone as it uses the mobile phone networks for communication. Similarly to a mobile phone, the Watchie® sim card needs a Subscription in place in order for it to operate, incurring a monthly fee.

How it Works

The Watchie® Subscription will give you the Activation Code needed for your new Watchie® Device to be activated and to start using it. Once you have activated your Watchie® Device it will automatically connect to the strongest phone network in your area and be ready to use.

A Watchie® Device and a Watchie® Subscription can be bought separately. They are separate products which require pairing together online only when a new Device is being Activated.

Payment Model

Your Watchie® Subscription is based on a Pay As You Go model, whereby standard normal usage limits apply. With your Watchie® Subscription you will receive a monthly credit of 60 min FREE Talk Time which you will apply to your Device during Activation. This enables your Device to make and receive 60 min of SOS calls for each 30 day period. Every subsequent 30 days, your Device will be topped up with an additional 60 min Talk Time.

If you approach this limit within a 30 day period, you will be notified by your Watchie® Service Centre. If you exceed this 60 min Talk Time limit within a 30 day period, your service will be suspended until the next 30 day period starts, at which point a new 60 min credit is automatically applied to your Device. You can check your Talk Time balance at any time by texting BALANCE to your Watchie® Service Centre. For more information, see

How to Select Your Subscription

Step 1

Select which subscription model you want for your Watchie® Device

Step 2

An Activation Code for your Watchie® device will be sent to you after a successful Watchie® Subscription purchase.

Step 3

Enter your Activation Code and your Watchie® Device ID (last 7 digits of your Device serial number, on underside of box) together on and your device will be switched on remotely for you to start using it

Watchie® Subscription

Watchie® Pay As You Go subscription.
From: 19.99 / month*


*Monthly Watchie® Subscription allows 60min/month FREE talk time credit for your device. Your subscription is renewed monthly with 60min call credit.

  • Credit is non-refundable, non-transferable and for use on any other device other than your allocated Watchie® Device
  • With all Watchie® subscriptions, credit is applied on the day of Subscription purchase
  • Charges allow for Fair usage* *Watchie® includes 60 minutes FREE talk time within your monthly allowance covered by your Watchie® Subscription package. This call credit will be applied to your Subscription immediately at time of purchase. 60 min talk time is deemed as fair usage for calls to from your Watchie® Device for SOS and critical calls in emergency scenarios.
  • Every 30 days the subscription will be credited with another FREE 60 min of talk time for you to use. At any time you can check the remaining monthly talk time balance by texting BALANCE to your Watchie® Service Centre.
  • A low balance notification will be sent to the lead Responder before the credit limit is reached
  • Cancellation of a Watchie® Subscription will result in your Device being permanently disconnected. It will no longer be able to make or receive calls, and will not be able to make any further SOS alerts.