Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Watchie® W1?

The Watchie® W1 is a new technology that supports independent living while offering peace of mind to you and your loved ones. This mobile alarm system can be worn by the wearer wherever they go so that they can stay in constant contact. The wearer can easily activate an alarm or it will automatically activate an alarm in the case of a fall.

The SOS alarm will trigger the Watchie® W1 device to call all the Responders you have selected in rotation where they will be able to speak directly to the wearer to help resolve the issue. A SOS text is also sent to each Responder highlighting the status of the device, including its location and directions to find it. This system of supporting two way communication gives immediate assurances in the case of an emergency. It’s an automatic system with no need to remember or dial numbers. A simple press of the SOS button on the device triggers the alarm and the Watchie® SOS Service does the rest for you.

Who should have a Watchie® W1?

Any family members or friends you think would need to have immediate contact in the case of an emergency. Whether this is in the home, or when out and about. Especially for those where a current smartphone is too complicated and unreliable.

How does the Watchie® W1 work?

The Watchie® wearable device is worn by your chosen family member, but controlled by you as lead Responder. The wearable device has a SOS button which will contact you and any additional Responders when the wearer needs assistance. This will be done by a SOS phone call being triggered by the device, and an additional SOS text alert with its status update. The device can also be called at any time from any of the Responders.

Is the Watchie® W1 a monitoring service?

Yes, but it is YOUR monitoring service. As lead Responder, you will be responsible to handle any SOS events, and for selecting additional Responders.

What is the range of the Watchie® W1 Pendant?

The Watchie® W1  is designed to be a true ‘anywhere’ alarm. It uses mobile phone technology and so will work wherever there is a mobile phone signal. It is not tied to any specific network like most sim equipped wearable devices, it will use the strongest network in your area. It does not need to be connected to a mobile phone or to any additional hardware. It is a stand alone device.

How will assigned contacts know that the Watchie® W1 wearer is in need of help?

Any additional Responders you have added will be notified in the same way as you are in the event of a SOS. When the SOS button is pressed, or when the device recognizes a fall, it will call the Responders in rotation in the order in which you added them. To eliminate the event of a call answering machine accepting a call and stopping the call sequence, each Responder is called regardless if a call is answered in this chain or not.

An Alert text is also sent by your Watchie® Service Centre, giving you the nature of the alert, the last known device location, the device battery level, and a speed dial option to the unique Watchie® Device Phone Number so each Responder can call the device if needed straightaway.

What happens if the call to one of my contacts goes straight to voicemail?

No problem. In this event, the device will call the next listed Responder regardless.

How will the Watchie® W1 know that help is on the way?

Once a SOS is activated, the call sequence is automatically triggered. It will ring you as lead Responder first. You can communicate directly with the wearer to see what the problem is. The wearer does nothing more than trigger the SOS by pressing the SOS button. The Watchie® Service Centre does the rest.

Even if a call is not connected due to local network connectivity issues, the SOS text alert will be sent regardless. Once receiving the text the Responders can take appropriate action.

What is fall detection?

The Watchie® wearable device is equipped with an accelerometer sensor which can detect when the device has fallen. This is not, and never has been an exact science so discretion is needed in what is defined as a fall, and what isn’t. Suffice to say if worn correctly and a wearer falls down, the change in altitude followed by loss of movement will trigger an automatic SOS alarm, resulting in the notifications and calls as per  a standard SOS alarm.

What happens if the SOS is activated by accident?

No Problem. The SOS call sequence will be triggered automatically, but the device will notify the wearer at intervals to ‘click the SOS button to stop the call sequence’ which will stop any further calls being made unnecessarily.

Is Watchie® W1 secure?

It is the only device currently available that offers end to end encryption for your data protection and security. Other available products readily use open SIM cards which if not supplied, you are expected to purchase separately and install yourself. The phone numbers provided under these conditions are not secure, meaning anyone with access to this number at a future point will have access to your wearable device, which is unacceptable. Watchie® uses unique Watchie® Phone Numbers for their devices, which only selected Responders have access to. Even if this number is shared unknowingly, the device will not communicate with unauthorized numbers.

Does Watchie® W1 use the Internet or a Mobile Phone Network?

Well, both actually. For transmitting data and voice calls, your Watchie® wearable device uses standard GSM (mobile phone networks) signal, being the most reliable means of communication, especially in rural areas. To retrieve location updates, the strongest position fix present for the device at that time, be it from Wi-Fi, GPS or GSM Cell tower triangulation will be used to determine the most accurate location fix.

How big is a Watchie® W1?

The Watchie® W1 is a lightweight, discreet, stylish device that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand and weighs 35grams. It can easily be worn around the neck as a pendant or on the belt using the belt clip provided.

Where do people normally put the charging base?

The docking station or charging base can be put anywhere that is convenient for the weather but a lot of people choose to put their Watchie® W1 charging base beside their bed. This allows wearers to get into the habit of charging their pendant overnight.

How long does it take to Charge the Watchie® W1?

The Watchie® W1 can be charged in the docking station or using the USB cable provided. The unit will fully charge in one hour. To see how to charge your device see

How long does the battery generally last?

With a full charge your Watchie® W1 will generally last for up to 5 days, if not more. This is based on an average usage.

What happens if the battery runs low?

Your Watchie® W1 is supported by a range of Voice Prompts. When the battery on your Watchie® W1 is running low the wearer will hear a message from both the mobile pendant and docking station devices. In addition the Responders will receive a text message to let them know that the battery is running low whereby they can then take appropriate action, even if its just calling the device to remind the wearer to charge it up at their next convenience.

Is the Watchie® W1 waterproof?

Yes your Watchie® W1 is IP67 water resistant, which is the normal standard recognized by digital wearable devices. It cannot however be fully immersed in water so should not be worn in the bath, a pool or the sea.

How will my Watchie® W1 be delivered?

If you purchased your Watchie® device on, it will be delivered by courier. DHL is our preferred partner, although local couriers might be used for door to door delivery in your territory. Other retail outlets might use alternative delivery methods.

How do I set up or activate my device?

Easily. Once you physically receive your Watchie® device, you go to where you can Activate your device.

This is simply done by entering the Serial Number of your device (on the box), entering your Activation Code you received when agreeing your Watchie® Subscription, confirming your phone number as lead Responder, and away you go!

Your local Watchie® Service Centre will text you confirmation that your device is Activated, from where you control and set up the device with text message commands to your Watchie® Service Centre. See for any assistance.

Can contacts simply call the Watchie® W1 wearer on their device?

All added responders will be sent the unique Watchie® Phone Number of the device they’ve accepted to be a Responder for. Dialing this number, which will be a local number in their territory, will patch them through to the device in question, which will automatically answer.

How will my Watchie® W1 be delivered?

If you purchased your Watchie® device on, it will be delivered by courier. DHL is our preferred partner, although local couriers might be used for door to door delivery in your territory. Other retail outlets might use alternative delivery methods.

How long does delivery normally take?

Delivery is normally within 5 days. If there are any additional delays to this standard delivery timeline, it will be stated during your journey through our online shop.

Can I test my Watchie® W1 to check that it is working properly?

Once you have Activated your Watchie® wearable device you will receive a text confirmation from your local Watchie® Service Centre. This text will include confirmation that your Device is now working and in operation, and will include the unique Watchie® Phone Number of your Device.

So long as your device is charged up and in signal (red connection light is blinking on the side of the device) you will be able to make a call to the device to check if its working by dialing this unique Watchie® Phone Number issued with your confirmation text. When the call is put through, the device will ring once and then automatically answer, which will confirm its activate and working. See for any further information.

For any assistance, you can call your Watchie® Customer Call Support number issued to you by text from your Watchie® Service Centre.

How much can we use it?

Included in your Watchie® Subscription which is used to Activate your Device, is 60 min of FREE talk time every month. Watchie® is not designed to be an alternative to a mobile phone, but its purpose is to be there to be used in the case of an emergency. If you go over this limit, your Watchie® call service will be suspended until a further 60min call credit is automatically applied to your device at the beginning of the next 30 day period.

How do I cancel my Subscription?

Contact Watchie® on and we will look after your requests.

Is there a number to call for support?

Yes, your local Call Support number is shown on

Alternatively, email with any requests.

What happens if I stop paying for my Watchie® Subscription?

Your Watchie® Subscription must remain active for your Device to keep working. Similarly to a mobile phone. If there are payment interruptions on your account, be it from cards expired or cancelled, as Subscription holder you will be notified by Watchie® and we will try to resolve the issues.

If there are no resolutions, the Subscription will be cancelled and service from you Watchie® Device will be terminated.