Become a Watchie® SOS responder



You will be invited to become a Watchie® SOS Responder by a Device Controller.

Text Invitation Received

You will receive a text invitation to Register with Watchie® so you can join an existing SOS Responder group. Save this Watchie® Service Centre number in your phone as it will be used for future communications and SOS alerts.

The Watchie® Service Centre

The Watchie® Service Centre will ask for your information to be sent back to them, including your name and email address

Accept or Decline

Once registered, you will be asked to ACCEPT or DECLINE the invite to become a SOS Responder for the device in question, which will be described by the name of its wearer which was assigned to it.

Accept Invitation

Replying ACCEPT means you are instantly accepted into the existing SOS Responder group for ‘ANN SMITH’. You will receive the unique phone number of their Watchie® W1. Save this number in your phone as ANN SMITH and you can use this number to make and receive calls to their device.

Decline Invitation

Replying DECLINE means you have declined the invite to become a SOS Responder for ANN SMITH and you will not be involved receiving SOS alerts.