Watchie® Personal GPS Tracker

Keeping Your elderly family safe & in touch 24/7 with automatic SOS Alerts, GPS Tracking, 2 Way Voice Calling & Instant Fall Alerts


About Watchie®

Watchie® W1 is an assisted living digital health brand, with a vision of delivering valuable support and connections between families, friends and carers of the elderly, vulnerable or those suffering with Dementia or Alzheimers, by providing safe, secure, reliable and non-intrusive remote monitoring solutions

Watchie® W1 uses the latest technology to support independent living while offering peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Use Watchie at home or when out and about. There is no need for a landline or Wifi Connection.

  •  Indoor and outdoor GPS Tracker & location services
  • SOS and Fall Detection
  • 2 way voice calling
  • Text Message and Voice Prompt Supports


SOS Responders for reassurance and peace of mind

Select your own Responder Group

‘In case you’re not available to answer a SOS alert, it’s useful to have a second or third responder on stand by. As your Device controller, you will choose who this can be. Once you’ve selected them, Watchie® will get them registered so they can act as Responders for your Watchie® device. They will see all the alerts and communications as well as receive SOS calls in rotation from your Device in the event of a SOS. As controller, you can remove them at any time if you need.’

To become a Watchie® SOS responder, click here

Data Protection & Security for all users

Technical Benefits Of The Watchie Solution

  • Phone calls are restricted only to authorized responders. Only you and your approved responder group are able to make calls to and from your Device. Remove responders at any time to immediately block their access to your Watchie Device.
  • Our Platform is built upon Google Cloud technology and uses enterprise grade encryption and data protection throughout, so your personal information is safe with us.
  • All Watchie Devices are fully managed by our platform to ensure it is simple & secure to use and provides peace of mind that it cannot be accessed by anyone except you and your approved responders.
  • At Watchie, our ongoing commitment is to privacy and security. We believe that modern connected technology can allow us to remotely care for our loved ones, whilst fully respecting their right to independent living and privacy. Watchie is there to provide contact & emergency services when you need it, but only when you need it.

How it Works


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Your Watchie W1 at a glance

Long lasting battery life

Supported by Voice Prompts

Supported by easy text commands

Multiple Wearing options

Emergency SOS button

Two Way Communication

“Mum had a fall but within two minutes I was able to speak to her and reassure her and five minutes later we had her back on her feet. So different to a previous occasion where my Dad had spent four hours on the floor, followed by three nights in hospital, because he couldn’t call for help.

Knowing that we can find their location when they are out is a great comfort and being able to speak to them immediately reassures us all. So easy to set up and maintain. Both my parents started using the Watchie without delay.”

Nik AttfieldHead of Development, Age UK Isle of Wight

What's Included

The Watchie® W1 Starter Kit contains everything you need to introduce connected independence to your loved ones.
In the box:
1 x Watchie® W1 mobile SOS device
1 x Watchie® Premium Bluetooth Charging Station
1 x Watchie® Belt Clip
1 x Watchie® USB magnetic charging cable with plug
1 x Watchie® Lanyard
The Watchie® W1 works in conjunction with a subscription. This subscription can be purchased on a monthly basis and can be cancelled at any time.